Department of Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot select the arrival date I would like - what is wrong?

Reservations are available 365 days in advance of your arrival date. New reservation inventory is available Monday through Friday beginning at 9am both online and in the call center. New inventory does not become available on Saturdays, Sundays, and designated holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve) when the call center is not open. Inventory that would become available on these dates will be available on the next day that the call center is open.

How much is the reservation fee?

A non-refundable reservation fee of $6.25 is charged per booking for State Parks.

What is your change and cancellation policy?

For more information on the change and cancellation policy, visit the Reservation Service Information section of this site.

What time can I check in my reservation at a State park?

Please check your confirmation letter or contact your park to verify check-in/out times.

What time do I need to check out on my day of departure at a State park?

Please check your confirmation letter or contact your park to verify check-in/out times.

Does the call center close?

The call center hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. The call center is closed Saturday, Sunday and the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve.

Where can I see a complete list of fees for all parks?

You can find a list of all parks at Maryland State Parks Camping Season and Service Charges

How do I use the shopping cart?

On the home page, begin by filling out steps 1. to 5., and click on reserve. The next page will display contents of the shopping cart and allow you to add another site by clicking on the 'Add Another Booking' link. You may continue to add bookings up to the maximum number allowed. You may also change and delete bookings, or start payment on any booking. Once you have completed a successful payment transaction on the first booking, you must return to the shopping cart and pay for each booking until all bookings have been completed. To access all unpaid bookings, select the link ‘View Cart’ located on the right of the top menu bar.

Do all the bookings in the shopping cart have to be in the same park with the same arrival and departure dates?

No. Each booking can be from different parks or campgrounds and have different arrival and departure dates. When adding additional bookings, make sure to confirm the selected location and dates on the home page. This is ideal for campers who are planning on visiting several different destinations during their vacation.

Can I pay for all bookings in the shopping cart together?

Yes. All bookings in your shopping cart can be paid together. If you wish, you can also pay for each booking separately. Each booking will have its own unique booking number and confirmation letter.

I need a site with water and sewer hookups. How can I tell which sites have services?

There are some optional filters available at the bottom of the reservation preferences panel on the left that allow you to include or exclude sites based on certain criteria. If, for example, you want a site with water and sewer hookups, but one that is not an ADA designated site, you can choose to Include the Water and Sewer options and Exclude the ADA Designated Site options. The maps, lists and grids will then show only the sites that meet your choices in green.

What is the fastest way to find a site?

There are several tools available to help you find a site. The fastest way is to fill out the information you know - your reservation type, party size etc. then click on Find a Site. You can also use additional search preferences (click on the arrow button beside More Search Preferences). This allows you to filter the results to show only certain site types or to exclude certain site types.

I have a favorite site. How can I tell if it is available?

This website provides several tools to help you with your stay. If you are looking for availability for your favorite site, the easiest way is to select the park and campground from the drop down menus and then select the site. You can also use the map browser to drill down to the site you are interested in. You can then click on the Site Details button and you will have the option of viewing a Site Calendar for the site. The Site Calendar will show you when the site is available and allow you to scroll the dates to see the whole season at a glance. If you have a favorite camping area, the Partial/Availability Calendar View will show you which site availability for the selected area.

All the sites are showing as not available for my dates. What can I do to find what dates may be available?

If you have entered dates, the Map and Availability List view will show you sites that are available for the whole of your requested stay. If you don’t see a site you like, you can adjust your dates to quickly see availability for the new dates, or you can look use the Partial/Availability Calendar view to see whether there are any sites that are available for part of your selected dates.

All the sites on the grid show restrictions. What does this mean?

A site that shows as yellow on the map, calendar or list means that the site is available for the dates you have selected, but that the site does not meet your current reservation preferences. If you click on the site details it will show you what is restricting the site. It is usually the reservation type, equipment size or party size. If you have used the More Search Preferences, these options will also affect the site restrictions.

I made a reservation through the call center. How do I view it online?

If you already have an online account, you should be able to see your reservation by logging in to the My Reservations section of the website. If you don't have an online account, you can create one - click on My Reservations and follow the link to register a new account. If you use the same name and address information you used when you made your reservation, you should then be able to access your reservations online. If you still cannot see your bookings, the call center booking may have been made under a different user account. You will have to call the call center to confirm or change the booking.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

You have to log in to change or cancel a booking. Click the My Reservations option and log in using your email address and password. You can then select the booking you want to change or cancel from the list of your reservations by clicking on the Details link. You will then see the details of the booking and have the option to change, cancel or print the reservation using the quick links on the right.

How do I find statewide holiday weekend availability?

From the Home screen, select your Reservation Type, keep Park as Maryland State Parks, enter Arrival Date, Nights, Equipment and then search by one of three methods – on a map, in a list, or on a calendar.